example graphicBela Palanka is dedicated in the lowest parts Suva planina and Stara planina, which was in Romanus age conection between East and West, on Via Militaris, nowdays wellknown as Koridor 10 Nis-Sofija. Nature goods and even national park Suva planina and Stara planina, and in front is Sicevacka klisura (national park), where you can:

- hunting
- fishing
- paragliding
- cayacing
- mountain climbing
- horse-riding in the Nature

example graphicOn Suva planina i Stara planina, which are untached nature, still exist animales and herbs.
200 kilometers from complex "STARI FIJAKER"  is gater 4 hecters which is in the owning of hunting union 'Jastreb' from Bela Palanka, which this 2008, will celebrate 110 years existion, which you can see on the film.
Guests of our complex have possibility to visit monastery "Sveti Dimitrije" which is dedicated 2 km from complex, monastery "Poganovo" on even 30 km from complex, monastery "Sveta Petka" on 25 km from complex, excavation (look presentation of Bela Palanka) in the centre of town.
In collaboration with tourist organisation from Nis we offer You service of mountain climbing and paragliding.
Hunting union "Jastreb" Bela palanka is collaborator since 1980.

example graphicFishing union "OSR Banjica" Bela Palanka gives all visitors permission of day, month, year for fishing and gives all support our complex.
On even 20 meters from resaurant is Nisava river, and on 1500 meters is Divljana lake, which is convenient for fishing.

On 50 kilometers from our complex is culture-historical monument from Turkish age, "Cele kula" and "Cegar", which our gests also can visit.

Our collaborator, for 28 years are: "Cola-Cola", "Heineken", "Efes" which done blendind our object.

"Stari fijaker" is a member of hotel union "HORES".

JahanjeOur etno complex in own direction has horses for riding in nature, which are available to our gests.




JahanjeIn the owning of complex is cab "Victory", old more than 150 years, which is also available to guests to visit Bela Palanka.